Adam grew up in the heart of England. Where he spent most of his time drawing, colouring in and staring at the hypnotic flickering TV screen, watching the latest 90's cartoons, which are still awesome.
After studying traditional animation in Bournemouth, Adam decided that he would love to pursue a career in illustration. He believes the picture truly does paint a thousand words.
Adam is a quirky, creative individual, with a unique style of illustration. He especially enjoys designing new characters.
Fun facts
Adam has a keen interest in the art of Tattoos and would someday like to write a book on the process of this fascinating subject.
Living with his beautiful wife who works as a primary school teacher, they enjoy long walks in the countryside.
Adam is a qualified scuba diver.
Having spent a lot of his youth messing around with boats and waterskiing along the South West of England, he loves the sea and believes in a past life he was clearly a pirate.
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